Review by John Domini in The Brooklyn Rail:

“Among the many shocks and felicities in Joshua Mensch’s Because, one of the best is his way with a semi-colon. The punctuation provides the text’s closest thing to a break, amid its onrushing recollections of sexual abuse and psychological bruising, right through the middle-school years at the hands of a devious family friend who was finally, flamboyantly busted. A coming-of-age plus comeuppance, the story has a natural momentum, yet is enhanced by a unique presentation, as things unfold via two-and three-page bursts of what has to be termed poetry—all of it, first to last, devoid of a full stop.” Read the full review

Review by Ray Olson in Booklist:

“For his first book, Mensch chooses a very hard subject from his own life. … An almost unimaginably harrowing memoir in poems. … Mature teens may be enthralled as well as appalled by Mensch’s ordeal when middle school was the worst his peers had to cope with.” Read the full review

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